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cherish Boxes


Cherish Box DIY Kits on my etsy shop!

What is included?

20 File Folder labels.

Baby, Toddler, Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grade 1-12, Cards, Sports, Medical.

1 Vinyl Name Decal for front of the file box. 

$10.00+shipping (file folders and box not included) I will send some suggestions for boxes and file folders with your labels.


Click here to visit my Etsy Page.  

One major problem we have found with school aged children is paper. Ahhhh, it's everywhere! Half colored pages, math worksheets sent home from school, special holiday cards etc.. Some are very special but most are not. I wanted to teach my children how to make tough decisions about what is important and worth saving and what is just stuff to look at and recycle. To do this I made them each a "Cherish Box". Each box has a file folder starting in Pk-12th grade. In these files are their most special items. This is where I put their extra school pictures, report cards and awards. My children know they have a boundary of one folder per year (larger portfolio artwork does have a separate box). When they come home from school with paper they make the determination if it is "cherish box worthy". Most items are not, they are loose papers, misc. writings that we look at and then recycle, but some are very special. It has been a real treasure watching my children make that determination and say "this is going in my cherish box". This is a huge teachable moment. They are learning to hold onto the most very special things but more importantly teaching them early to let go of the unimportant so you can focus on the important.  This is a gift they will use for a lifetime. These are a great gift for your children or grandchildren.

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