During our organizing sessions we will dig in and begin the process of sorting and purging. It will depend on your needs what we do next.

  • Putting your house on the market/ Moving into a new home.

    • I will help you sort and purge items and get areas ready for a buyer to view. This could involve helping a client pack or move/organize items and furniture to maximize buyers interest.​

    • I will help you set up systems in your new home enhancing your productivity and starting fresh in a new space.​


  • Freshening up and enhancing areas of your home.

    • Do you want that gorgeous pantry you see on Instagram? Do you LOVE labeled baskets and bins? Well, I am your girl! I love creating custom spaces in my clients home that are tailored to their needs and style. We will talk budget and vision and create a space that is perfect for your lifestyle.

  • Organizing chaotic spaces

    • I will help you set a plan for your space and walk with you step by step as we sort, purge and organize in a way that will help you maintain functionality and order. 


One session is typically 2.5 hours. When sessions get longer clients can become overwhelmed. 

My fee is $40/hour and is due at the end of each day. 

10% off is available on packages paid in full for 15 hours or more.

Katie is amazing! She was able to take what felt like an overwhelming job and reduce it to six fun filled hours. She sorted, she organized, she labeled and now my pantry is a joy! She even created this amazing baking column that allows me see what I have, and know exactly where it is. Everything has it‘s place. Thanks so much Katie! I’m looking forward to our next project!!!