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This week I helped a client in Okemos, MI get ready to put his house on the market. He didn't want to make any large cosmetic changes so it was up to cleaning and organizing to help his house shine and help a buyer see past some of the outdated areas. Here are a few areas we focused on.

1. We took down all outdated or dirty window coverings and cleaned the windows-Buyers are looking for open and bright areas. Allow their eyes to move past your outdated interior to the beauty outside.

2. We removed personal pictures/items-We want buyers to imagine their items in your home instead of seeing a lot of the current home owners items.

3. We cleaned and organized important areas- Pantries/mudrooms and kitchens are very important to buyers. Buyers may know they are going to make cosmetic changes but showing them "good bones" of the room are important for them to visualize their new space.

4. We cleaned-CLEAN, CLEAN and CLEAN some more. Don't distract potential buyers with cobwebs, dust and stains. Take the extra time to clean the baseboards, windows, corners of ceilings etc.. Your cleanliness will show the buyer that you have taken great pride and care of your home.

5. We arranged-Arranging the furniture in a way to open up the room and help the buyers imagine their furniture in your space is very important. Don't put furniture close to doorways that make the room seem smaller. Showcase windows with a view whenever possible.

6. We checked the lights- It seems funny but when you have a showing TURN ON THE LIGHTS and OPEN THE BLINDS!! ALL OF THEM!! Even if it's sunny, showing potential buyers how light and bright the home is can totally change the feeling of a home.

I loved working with my client and can't wait to see the offers start rolling in. Here is a before and after picture of his study that we worked on. I can't wait to help you too!

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