Not so bad anymore...

Grocery List- Check

Grocery Shopping-Check

Putting the food away-UGH!! I hate this part! Well, let me rephrase that. I use to hate that part!! I have a VERY small pantry with very bad lighting so putting groceries away was always something I hated. I hated shoving boxes in my pantry hoping they would all fit only to find half of the boxes were empty and I didn't know it :( I decided to make a change!

I started with the snacks. Instead of lining up boxes, I took 3 storage baskets I bought at Marshall's for $2 each and labeled them with what we use the most. Fruit Snacks, Granola Bars and Nuts. Doing this eliminated the "empty box problem" and helped me see quickly what I need to stock up on. Taking larger bags of nuts and dried fruit and making small bags for kids to grab also helps them make better choices. Making small changes like this not only helps day to day for making lunches and pulling snacks but it also helped me not agonize over putting the groceries away.

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