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Packing it Up!

Packing for a move can be a daunting task! Where do you even begin?? Here are a few tips from myself and industry experts to help you start and complete a successful packing job!


  1. Get 4 Boxes/Bags

  2. ​Trash: Throw that Trash away! Don't move broken items or just plain junk. Say Good-bye, I promise you won't miss it.

  3. Donate: Does it bring you joy??? If the answer is NO...LET IT GO!! Take the items to goodwill or post on a Free-cycle Facebook page and gift it to someone else who may be in need of the item.

  4. Relocate to different room for packing: Does this item belong in this room? If not, relocate it to the room it belongs in! Get organized before you go. Don't put it off. NOW IS THE TIME!

  5. Pack: If the item isn't junk, brings you joy, and doesn't belong in another room then GO AHEAD AND PACK IT. See packing instructions below.


  1. Label each box with what room you want it put in at your next location. This way the movers can help with more of the heavy lifting and getting the boxes in the correct space.

  2. On more used items label the box and then inventory the inside.

  3. Will you be looking for your pizza cutter for 3 weeks?

  4. Label the kitchen boxes with more specific labels like

  5. Frequently used utensils

  6. Cutlery

  7. Plastic Bags and storage supplies.

  8. Common used baking items/cooking sprays.

  9. etc...

  10. Label Bathroom items

  11. First Aid

  12. Everyday used toiletries

  13. Shower Items: Shampoo etc..

  14. Consider packing a suitcase of clothing items you will need for a few days after the move. That way you aren't pulling things out of boxes before you are ready to unpack them correctly. Pack like your going on vacation... only your not LOL... Don't forget to remember those special items your kids need to fall asleep, especially in a new environment.!! Don't loose the blankies in the craziness of will regret it!!!

-Ask your mover for tips.

  1. How do they suggest you to pack your dressers. You may be able to leave your clothes in them and just get a moving Saran-wrap and roll it around the dresser. If that is to heavy, take out the drawers and saran-wrap them.

  2. Leave your clothes hanging and place a large garbage bag with a hole in the bottom over your clothes, then sinch up the bottom. Tie a rubber-band around the hanger to keeps the hangers from falling everywhere. LABEL the trash bag so the movers know what room it's going in.

Well, there you go... a few tips for you. Have FUN and remember to PURGE FIRST you will be SO HAPPY YOU DID!! Oh, and don't forget I can help!! Just contact me!

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