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Organizing Spaces for Many Users

Today I organized a storage area at a church. This storage area is used multiple times a week by various groups within the church. Because of this is was very important to have very clear organizing labels and sections for all the items. Check out the before and after photos! Do you have a multi user area that needs some help! Call me!!

The last picture is a MESS! Items were all mixed up together and the boxes were overwhelming the space and stuff spilled out.

Step 1: I took EVERYTHING out of this closet! This is a must!! Once out of the closet the "like" items were put together. Did you know there must of been 500 + plastic spoons in this closet! Someone has a lot of jello to eat!

Step 2: Once all like things are together i found the appropriate size bin that the items would fit in. At this job I did have to purchase bins because they didn't have any. But, good news this week Target had Buy 1 get 1 50% off so I got ALL these storage bins for under $30.00!! WIN!!

Step 3: Find the best spot on the shelves for the items. Put utensils together, napkins together etc.. Make things easier for the potential user.

Step 4. Get things off the floor. When I started there were 5 coolers sitting on the floor with closed lids :( After rearranging everything I had plenty of room to get these items off the ground. On a cooler note.. I think it is best to keep cooler lids open to prevent any mold or stinky smells.

Step 5: Label! Especially for a space with many users this is a HUGE and VERY IMPORTANT step! Label everything so that each user will know exactly where things go.

Step 6: looks awesome and is SOOOO functional!!

If you have a spot that you want to look like this. Let me know! I am here to help!

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